At Lanes Beauty we offer a full range of treatments for your hands and nails.

We only use the best products available and we care about the health of your nails. We offer:

  • Jessica Gel Manicures

  • Jessica Classic Manicures

  • IBX Nail Repair Treatment

Please read below for further information:

Jessica Gel Manicures

GELeration Gel Overlay Manicure 1 hour £33

Includes nail shape, cuticle care, application of Jessica's GELeration gel polish, finished with Phenomen oil and hand massage. (1 hour)

GELeration Gel Overlay French Manicure 1 hour 15 mins £39

Includes nail shape, cuticle care, application of Jessica's GELeration gel polish with French tips, finished with Phenomen oil and hand massage. (1 hour 15 mins)

GELeration Gel Overlay Manicure inc Removal 1 hour 30 mins £39

Full removal of previous GELeration polish followed with GELeration overlay manicure. (1 hour 30mins)

GELeration Polish Removal 25 mins £12

GELeration polish removed, nails filed and nourished. (We recommend that the GELeration polish is removed after a maximum of 3 weeks. Please do return to the salon to have the product professionally removed, do not pick or scrape the product from your nails!)

GELeration Polish Home removal kit £13

Home removal kits are available to purchase from the salon. Includes instructions and enough 'Erase' for up to 3 removals. We strongly recommend that you apply a couple of layers of a protective base coat after removing gel to protect your nails.

Jessica Manicures

Jessica Manicure. 1 hour £28 (for French Polish add 10 mins and £5)

Hand and arm massage, nourishing and conditioning treatment to nail and cuticle area, nails expertly filed, cuticles trimmed. Application of Jessica nail care conditioning base coats and world famous, long-lasting varnish.

Nail File and Polish 20 mins £19

Recommended only for those receiving regular manicures as an in-between manicures top-up. Available for fingernails only.

IBX Nail Repair Treatment £14 (20 mins)

IBX is a new revolutionary two-part system consisting of IBX and IBX Repair, it acts as a protective and strengthening shield for natural nails. It can help to treat nails that peel, have ridges or white spots.

IBX is the first of its kind as its penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of just sitting on top. This treatment can be used as a standalone treatment or prior to a manicure or gel application.

Your recommended treatment programme will be determined after a full consultation where we can establish the most appropriate system to be used. The condition of your nails will determine the treatment frequency.